Centre for Hypersonics

Name: Brad Sharp

From: The University of Queensland. Born and raised in Texas, USA, but now living in Brisbane, Australia.

Role/responsibility: I am responsible for development and testing of the telemetry frame definition.

Background: I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering and I worked on the International Space Station at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I have also worked on a variety of space-related defence projects.

On this project, I’m most looking forward to: Seeing a successful launch and acquisition of experimental data.

I think space exploration is . . . extremely important!!  There are many technological innovations that result from space exploration that eventually turn into modern conveniences for the general public.

When I’m not working on scramjets, I like to . . . spend time with my family.

A quote that inspires me:  “Always make the best of the situation.”  This quote is from my lovely wife, Jennifer, and it constantly inspires me to keep a positive outlook on things.