Centre for Hypersonics



Adjunct and Honorary staff

  • Professor Allan Paull (Adjunct Professor, Program Leader, DSTO)
  • Professor David Buttsworth (Honorary Professor, USQ)
  • Dr. Bianca Capra (Honorary Lecturer, QUT)
  • Dr. Michael Macrosson (Research consultant, Division of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Philip Teakle (Research Consultant, Teakle Composites)
  • Dr Sandy Tirtey (Adjunct Lecturer, RocketLab, NZ)
  • Dr. Stefan Brieschenk (Adjunct Research Fellow, French-German Research Institute)

Postgraduate students

  • Dawid Preller (PhD, Mech. Eng., Smart) Submitted
  • Alex Grainger (PhD, Mech Eng, Boyce)
  • Kevin Basore (PhD, Wheatley)
  • Tristan Vanyai (PhD, Boyce) Submitted
  • Christopher James (PhD, Morgan)
  • Tamara Sopek (PhD, Boyce) Submitted
  • Juan R. Llobet (PhD, Jahn)
  • Michael Roberts (PhD, Mee)
  • Sreekanth Raghunath (PhD, Mee)
  • Will Landsberg (PhD, Veeraragavan)
  • Mr Sangdi Gu (PhD, Morgan)
  • Nick Gibbons (PhD, Wheatley)
  • Augusto Fontan Moura (PhD, Jahn)
  • Pierpaolo Toniato (PhD, Gildfind)
  • Andreas Andrianatos (PhD, Gildfind)
  • Sholto Forbes (PhD, Jahn)
  • Jens Kunze (PhD, Smart)
  • Timothy Cullen (PhD, Morgan)
  • Sam Stennett (PhD)
  • Ranjith Ravichandran (PhD, Morgan)
  • Rory Kelly (PhD)
  • Eric Won Keun Chang (PhD, Veeraragavan)
  • Daniel Smith (PhD, Gildfind)
  • Kyle Damm (PhD, Gollan)
  • Yu Liu (PhD, Morgan)
  • Phillip Swann (PhD, Jahn)
  • Ranjini Ramesh (PhD, Morgan)
  • Ian Cartmill (PhD, Wheatley)

Technical staff

  • Sam Grieves (T4)
  • Keith Hitchcock (T4)
  • Frans De Beurs (X-lab)
  • Barry Allsop (Electronics)

Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group)

  • Dr. Hans Alesi (DST Group)
  • Dr. Todd Silvester (DST Group)
  • Mr. Myles Frost (DST Group)
  • Dr Sarah Razzaqi (DST Group)
  • Dr Hadas Porat (DST Group)


  • Dr. Neil Mudford

CfH members and visitors at the X3 Expansion Tunnel. French-Australian Workshop on re-entry and Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics, The University of Queensland, 23 to 25 February 2016