Centre for Hypersonics

Designed and built in Brisbane, SCRAMSPACE was a $14 million, three-year research project to design, build and fly a Mach 8 hypersonic scramjet.

SCRAMSPACE was the first and largest project funded by the Australian Space Research Program. It built on Australia's world-class hypersonics heritage, and its core objective was to build capacity and capability, in particular, a talent pool, for the Australian space and aerospace industry.

This was achieved partly by means of the Mach 8 flight experiment, for which a team of exceptional young scientists and engineers was assembled, and partly through extensive ground-based research involving many PhD students at UQ and partner universities.

By addressing key scientific and technological questions, the consortium conducted ground-tests at up to Mach 14 and attempted a flight-test of a free-flying scramjet at Mach 8.

Unfortunately, the scramjet payload was not delivered to the correct altitude and speed during the flight test on 18 September 2013 due to a problem with the first-stage rocket motor.

While the final stage of the project, the flight test, did not deliver hypersonic flight data, the ground testing and modelling and analysis components of the project delivered many important research results.